Philosophy and you and me today

The extent of Indian philosophy is vast and delving within its immense body of knowledge is like leaping into the oceans of the world. Within this enormous framework it becomes difficult to choose any particular stream to study and practice.

Hence, the position of a philosopher is precarious; between philosophy, its application, utilitarianism and today’s world of science and research where empirical observation, logic, experimentation, analysis and validity play an important role. In the Western philosophical arena, after the advent of the Industrial and Scientific revolution, philosophy became analytic and logical, based on empirical observation. Intuition and the inner realm of subjective experiences which could not be validated became mystical and something that could not be spoken about with scientific sanctity and surety.

It is a challenge to present the complexities of any ancient philosophy. Especially, not allowing it to remain a mere intellectual study but introducing its principles as a practical application on the journey of life, enabling the avid seeker to live life fully, yet, remaining grounded in philosophic wisdom.

My intention is bringing out the traditions from closed jackets of an ancient jargon and presenting it in a new light. It is understanding the ancient language in the light of new socio-political-economic conditions and requirements to render it more suitable to the general reader and for the sincere seeker of practical philosophy who seeks to bring about transformations within him/her towards more aware states of consciousness.

It is also to ensure a tradition remains alive by its practice and not only as a matter of pure philosophical pursuit. The effort is to remain true to the original teachings yet leaving room for its practical application in the context of modern life and living.

Shortly, I will be writing about the Yoga Sūtras and other texts.

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