Yoga: The esoteric but most misunderstood practice!

Yoga exported to west and happily imported in bulk from centuries is its physical dimension alone. The west unknowingly or rather knowingly accepted readily that which was visible, package-able and marketable. It created multi-billion business in (useless) props. In that surging frenzy, we at home, fell into that trap to popularize that which essentially was reserved for the eligible.

Just imagine you wish to study medicine, law, engineering or any specific field you ought to be eligible for that. It cannot be that just because it has become popular and elite you jump into the bandwagon. But, it has been exactly like this … thousands have flocked into Yoga as an enormous herd of cattle not understanding that Yoga is something far beyond ordinary the ordinary! eligibility has been compromised and yielded to huge incomes and popularity of the gurus.

I do feel negative writing about this, but, it is to awaken the inner calling of a human being to rise above the mundane and not to fall in the eternal traps of its physical practices alone.

My next writing will seek to explain the different dimensions of Yoga, although at a superficial level, and then begin an inner journey of self-transformation!

Above is my new book, published by Zen Publishers in collaboration with The Yoga Institute and will be released in December 2018. It is unique as it has the Yoga sutras in Devanagari script, English transliteration, word to word meanings, a brief one-sentence meaning of each sutra and my personal affirmations of practice. It will be one that you can carry around with you always to learn the sutras and reflect on their meanings.


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