Philosophy is Wisdom!

The rare achievement of any human being!

Being a philosophy student (always!) and a teacher, especially of Indian philosophy, i searched and searched everywhere to understand questions about life, its existence, actions of the past and present and above all the value and validity of my experiences.

All searching led me one text which gave me nearly all that i was looking for. This text transformed my very being! This profound text is ‘The Yoga Sutras of Maharshi Patanjali’.

In this section, henceforth, i will enter into the deep and vast realms  of this jewel among all texts and write so that it is not only a mere exploration of the text but as words that gain meaning and momentum as they are understood and practiced. It will be sharing of my experiences with the words of Maharshi Patanjali as i have understood them and my experiences.

At the outset, and before i commence on this journey, i must make it clear that this text is not a religious text, there are no rituals and no deity. This is a journey of the self from the outside (bahir) to the inside (antara).